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Acropora v1.0.0045

Author: shakiljan at 27-09-2013, 18:10   
Acropora v1.0.0045
Acropora v1.0.0045
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A procedural modeler, Acropora combines volumetric modifiers with multi-octave 3D noise sampling to generate detailed surfaces in far less time than conventional surface modeling software. Acropora adopts a less deterministic approach to generating complex, organic shapes by applying sequences of modifiers on large voxelized meshes. The effect is to create an endless, seamless expanse of surface that undulates and changes in a natural way. The resulting meshes contain caves, ridges, overhangs and other natural features that are not possible with height maps. Meshes can then be broken up into segments, with segments further divided into different levels of details.

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